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Online PreQualify Sites

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

You can find the discover and amex ones right on the home page. Click "view cards" and discocers will say "see pre-qualified offers" and amex will say something like "see special offers" capital ones is also right under "view cards" says "see if you prequalify" sorry i cant post links im on my phone.

Household orchard and hsbc no longer have prequalifiers since the cap1 takeover. Boa no longer has one either.
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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

I could not find any pre-qual link on the Discover Credit Cards Page (only a respond to mail offer link), and the BofA doesn't seem to work properly (click the pre-qual link, a new window opens up, you select the type of card you are looking for, then it takes you right back o the main credit card page - no entry fields for name, address, last 4 of SS, etc.)


EDIT: This link worked for Discover, I found the url in the forum somewhere but I didn't figure out how to navigate to it from maybe I am blind?

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

you have to go down to the bottom of that screen to "see your presonalized offers"

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

I think BofA has one also....

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

BoA does have one, but it doesnt really do anything. It just pops up a card in the category you pick.

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

I know this thread is old as hell, but it shows up in a lot of google searches on the subject. Here is an updated list for those interested:


American Express

Bank of America

Capital One

Chase Mailed Offers
Chase Pre Qualified Offers


Credit One


US Bank

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

Sweet I didnt know US bank was one! Now I have another one to play with while I sit in the garden :-)

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

@doc - thanks for updating list....

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Re: Online PreQualify Sites

@ doc

thanks for this list... I just had a lot of fun trying to get the results ..LOL ... oh boy how I hate these systems because all I get is "congratulations.."... for business cards only. ..this sucks because I do not qualify to apply  for business cards and none of the lenders offers me any personal cards and this is all I could apply for  Smiley Sad... might be the best to keep me from apping Smiley Happy

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