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Opening up an account with nfcu

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Opening up an account with nfcu

I opened up a savings account for a family member so I can finally get in my self. Said I'd get confirmation in 24-48 hours. Is that normal just for a savings account?


I also read that you don't even need to deposit $5 just to get the access number. How does that work?  

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Re: Opening up an account with nfcu

The 24 to 48 notice...yeah, that might be an email.  Someone on their end has to generate your acct.  Did you get the savings and checking?  If I remember, the two go hand in hand.  As in, they automatically give you both.  


I'm trying to remember exactly what all I did when I joined.  I know I signed up online & put $50 in the savings acct.


You'll receive a bunch of documents over the next several weeks.  Whatever you don't understand, call them...any time...and I mean any time.  24/7/365.  Their csr's are SO helpful & there isn't a dud in the bunch.


They must go through some thorough training because I've never received conflicting information about anything.

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Re: Opening up an account with nfcu

For NFCU you can get just a savings account.  Both accounts are not automatic.  You have to request a checking account.

I did my app online a few weeks ago and got an account automatically.  I think the fact that I am active duty made

the process faster.  I added the checking account so I could transfer in funds electronically.  Once I did that I

just moved 5 dollars into savings to satisfy the minimum balance requirement.

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Re: Opening up an account with nfcu

I've been a member for less than two weeks now, I registered online and received both accounts immediately.  I also deposited $50 into my savings account but I think I remember reading that you don't have to deposit the $5 before opening the accounts but that you must deposit the funds at some time within a given time frame.  I qualified through my step-son who is retired navy. They must be checking to see how you qualify for an account or maybe even a random check. 


I agree with BungalowMo, the Reps at NFCU are by far the most helpful and friendly group of people i've had to deal with in the banking industry.  I called a few times since opening my account and they will stay on the phone with you forever and advise you.  Yesterday, this one rep talked to me about qualifying for cc, scores, credit limits and talked about his own personal experiences, i've never experienced anything like it and i'm looking forward to a very long relationship with them. 

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Re: Opening up an account with nfcu


 During the online application process you can select to get both accounts.  (I just checked savings)  I had to

go back and request a checking account because they only allow electronic transfers into checking accounts.


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