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Opening with NFCU

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Re: Opening with NFCU

My husband joined while active duty in marine Corp. I verified eligibility by applying and referencing his member number.

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Re: Opening with NFCU

llecs wrote:

Figured I'd post here for better exposure...if you open a CC or a checking account, or even join NFCU via a share acct, do you have to sign docs as a condition for membership (e.g. signing agreements or signature cards)? If so can those be faxed in or do you have to hand deliver those into a branch?

I remember at least signing their version of signature cards, they sent both me and my DM paperwork in the mail as well as via Email (to print out and send in), I think it could also be downloaded and printed out from their site.  I remember because we each got 2 or 3 sets of paperwork in the mail (not sure why, they were duplicates). We were told we could mail them in or take them to a branch.  Seems like signing up at a branch is easiest however.  This was for joining, checking and CC all at once btw.


If you join over the phone, be ready for some VERY difficult to answer verification questions, like someone else's birth date (range) or age (range) that they may have on file or a family members previous address (multiple choice but who knows all that stuff by heart?).  And the questions have a time limit though they don't tell you that (I don't think the reps know if they're new btw).


Also, have no fear in calling to ask that\those very questions, they're usually very helpful and if the rep doesn't know, they'll usually find you someone who does.  They'll also probably push a bit for you to go ahead and try to join on that call right then.

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