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Opinion on my new card


Re: Opinion on my new card

The OP only wanted to get his/her foot in the door with Amex and probably have heard somewhere that the Gold Skymiles is the easiest credit card that they issue. Obviously this is wrong information, but the rumor existed long enough for most forum users to take it as fact. 

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Re: Opinion on my new card


I understand wanting to get your foot in the door but why ask is this the right card after the fact? Somewhere the thinking has been reversed. How about, is this the right card for me THEN apply?

Just sayin'
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Re: Opinion on my new card

Even after almost two decades, forum mission creep is still always on the verge.  Smiley Happy


I understand tjhe logic you present, I just didn't care. I wanted a card, and yes I did hear the rumors. I asked the original question just to hear the views of more qualified credit hobbiests besides myself. So thank you.

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Re: Opinion on my new card

Imo, The Delta has low rewards and is only beneficial if you fly Delta.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Opinion on my new card

09Lexie wrote:
Imo, The Delta has low rewards and is only beneficial if you fly Delta.

Hope that helps.


You should avoid co-branded cards entirely unless you shop / fly / stay at those establishments a lot.

You could have qualified for other revolvers just fine, or a few additional months of wait would have done the trick.

Anyhow what's done is done. If you decided that getting an Amex was a top priority, you accomplished it. Like I said, get it changed to something else that actually will be of some use to you.


Nevertheless, still a nice achievement. Grats once again.

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Re: Opinion on my new card

86 wrote:

Well to be honest I don't care for airline rewards, I just wanted an AMEX card, and was afraid at going for anything higher I guess. I never even fly.  I assume the card is accepted everywhere AMEX is, for any type of purchase, right? -Maybe an ignorant question.

The old airline rewards card for someone who doesn't use airlines trick, eh?


Sorry about that, Chief!


But seriously, its no worse than getting a platinum card with no rewards just to start out. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Still, trying to PC it to a card that has rewards that are useful to you wouldn't hurt.

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Re: Opinion on my new card

09Lexie wrote:
I'm sorry but I have to agree with LS. Although I congratulate OP for getting the foot in the door with Amex- I can't understand the wisdom of applying for a card and the first question you ask is. 'Is this a good card for me'? Honestly, a person should have some use for a cc instead of one that has lackluster rewards and the OP doesn't even fly.

I gotta agree with 09Lexie and LS. Picking up a new CC that you know nothing about, and have no use for is irresponsible in my opinion. There seems to be a lot of that going on, in the name of 'boosting our credit.' Different strokes for different folks and all that, but if people would do just a litle more research, and ask these kinds of questions prior to just going on an App spree, there would be more people here with healthy credit profiles built with meaningful tradelines.


I know I'll catch flak for this (and people are absolutely free to do as they please), but this is how people end up with 25 tradelines with $300-500 limits on each one, and then have trouble picking up the cards they really want. As always, YMMV.

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Re: Opinion on my new card

I have to agree. I think getting a card with the Delta miles just to get in the door was not the right move.  I think you should have simply gotten the card that matched what you wanted.


I did ap for the Delta Sky Miles card to get my foot in the door too, but I did want the miles since I do fly and I already have over 30,000 miles with them.  When I get the bonus miles I will be able to fly roundtrip just about anywhere!  This will be a nice thing.  In fact I wanted to get miles so that I can actually build them up instead of getting cash back.  I figure if I use eBates for some of my purchases I will get rewarded that way and then also get rewarded with miles. 


When I pulled the trigger on the Amex it was to see if I did qualify for being such a customer.  I figured after I got the FNBO Amex then there was no harm in doing so.  Now I realize after that Amex, the Delta Amex, and auto upgrade to the PNC Signature card I am in the club.  Not the top notch club, but just below it.  However, I don't care if I am in the top notch club ever.  Because I feel I am in the club, I also feel like I don't need anything else, except the Capone Prime Cash rewards card, but that is vengence not club status. 


I am glad you're in the door, but you should have done it by getting a card which was better suited to your needs.  Maybe try for the other card or recon for a different product now. 

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Re: Opinion on my new card

I think that since you now have the card, if you don't want delta miles as a reward you should PC to something like the Blue Cash Everyday or the Blue.


As a credit card, its not a bad credit card but the rewards are pretty useless to you.  I think you could have gone with something like the Blue and been approved.


You always need to make sure that the card fits your needs before applying for it.


And ya there really isn't a club...  People have various Amex cards because of their specific needs, not because its cool...


Although, a Delta skymiles card is better than a capital one platinum so in that sense, you have arrived "credit-wise"

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Re: Opinion on my new card

86 wrote:

"Exactly what I thought. Smdh.


Its like a pandemic around here lately!!"


 "There is no club. Lmao"




This guy reminds me of the rich golfers in Caddyshack  Smiley Happy

That would make sense if I ever picked up a golf club Smiley Very Happy


Apping for CC's just for "status" is just dumb.

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