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Opinions on SPG card and program?

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Re: Opinions on SPG card and program?

I echo what @K-in-Boston has said.  Depending on your preference the card can be good or great. In my opinion there is no loss even if you only use the anniversary certificate and never swipe the card for anything else - that alone outweights the annual fee on the regular SPG.  With the SPG Luxury, same there, you can't lose.  Book at least a $300 night stay and pair that with the 50k anniversary certificate and you've already come WAY ahead of the $450 annual fee and that again works even if the only swipe is for the $300 room charge.


Personally I have the SPG Luxury and the SPG Business.  I'm probably one of the select few who was happy with the merger.  The places my wife and I typically stay either stayed the same or went down in regards to points needed for award stay.  The SPG Luxury takes care of itself with the $300 credit and the 50k anniversary certificate.  What really made me happy with the merger is that the SPG Business card got better...we're actually earning more points post merger than the old Star points program.  A lot of our spend is on dining and fuel and with the new system we're actually getting 4pts/$1 instead of the previous 1 SPG = 3 Marriott points.  Having the 4x points on celluar service is very nice as well.  


My current line up is SPG Luxury, SPG Business, and EDP which turns our grocery spend to 4.5pts/$1 and hitting the 30 swipes comes easy with my daily stop at the Flying J or QuikTrip.  We typically stay about 45-50 nights a year at Marriott properties and the extra 15 elite night credits will be very nice as it helps close the gap towards maintaining Platinum status.  And keep in mind that once you obtain Platinum status and pay for your Marriott/SPG/Ritz stays with any SPG/Marriott card you're then earning a nice 21pts/$1 (10 standard, 50% bonus for being Platinum, and 6 for using SPG/Marriott card).


TLDR = If you're willing to stay at a Marriott property then the SPG card makes perfect sense no matter how you spin it.  The annual fee is offset by the 35k or 50k anniversary certificate (depending on which SPG card) and then some...staying at the property and using said card just makes it even better. 

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