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Orchard Bank CLI & Backdoor #

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Re: Orchard Bank CLI & Backdoor #

I've since closed this card but I started at 700 and ended with 1300.  The clis were automatic.  When they opened this acct. they also opened HSBC for 1000.  They sent me 2 cards.Smiley Surprised  To get a cli with HSBC you have to give your first born and a hard inquiry.
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Re: Orchard Bank CLI & Backdoor #

Yes, what did you say? I can't get any love from them at all. I also have a HSBC card and they at least gave me a $100 increase in March...

Discharged 4/28/2016

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Re: Orchard Bank CLI & Backdoor #

I have 2 cards with Orchard that I've had for years.  I was able to get the CLI when I first opened them, 2 each in the first year.  Since then nothing even though they are paid in full every month w/ 3 years of good history.  I was told that I do not get the increases b/c I don't use them enough (sock drawer cards that Netflix and cr monitor go on).

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Re: Orchard Bank CLI & Backdoor #

they are both tough.  i kept the HSBC card open (no fee) and closed Orchard when they would not waive fee.  Like I said they gave me 2 auto increases.  HSBC gave me two $400 and 500. but i had to beg.  I haven't asked for anything in a long time.  Use it once in awhile and pif.  High interest.  Bad card.


Orchard has been sniffing out new business on line.

TU  733    EQ   698   EX Plus  761

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