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Orchard Bank & HSBC Approvals...

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Orchard Bank & HSBC Approvals...

So ive been trying to get pre-approved for the HSBC branded platinum card for a while now but the pre approval system would only offer the HSBC branded secured card. I then just opted for a Orchard Bank platinum card just to get a second trade line of some kind going. I decided to go back and see if the HSBC branded platinum card would be pre-approved for me now just for the heck of it, and sure enough Its pre-approving me for the vanilla HSBC platinum card AND the HSBC platinum with rewards card.


I had problems with payments, a card closed, typical financial disaster a couple years back but i was able to keep my other credit card open which is a plan capital one platinum card with a $500 limit. The new Orchard Bank one was approved with a $300 limit.


My question is do you think they would convert this orchard bank card to the hsbc card since both companies are basically the same entity? Also, what if i was to apply for the HSBC credit card that i originally wanted in the first place, anyway? Would they automatically deny me because i just was approved for the Orchard Bank card?

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Re: Orchard Bank & HSBC Approvals...

Orchard refuses to product change or upgrade -- I wish they did.  But, as they're considering selling off their US portfolio and/or scaling back and making significant changes -- it remains to be seen what will happen in the future.

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