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Orchard Bank secured card

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Orchard Bank secured card

Hey Everyone,


I have had my orchard secured card since april of 2008. Today i decided to call their customer service line to ask when my card would become unsecured and about a credit limit increase.  The woman on the line (India) told me that my card would not become an unsecured card and i would not get my $300 deposit back unless i closed the account.  Does this sound right? i was under the impression that i would at least get a CLI.  It's been a year, this is my only credit card and i always PIF and never carry a balance.  Maybe they're just mad because i haven't paid them any interest. Any input would be appreciated.



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Re: Orchard Bank secured card

I haven't heard of anyone being able to convert their Orchard Bank secured card. I would keep the account open and apply for a Capital One card and a BoA secured card.
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