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Orchard ... approved or not??

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Re: Orchard ... approved or not??

Yay, Wildcat!! Congrats aplenty!!! Smiley Happy

Well, that's the funny thing ... hubby HAD an HBSC card and it went to charge-off (but paid in FULL immediately after, if that matters at all) about 4 years ago. It's GOT to still be in their computer system somewhere. Or is HBSC known for giving second chances??

I'm just DYING to know what the CLs are!! From what I could tell at, for hubby's scores and typical for the Gold card, it seems like the average is $500, but as low as $300. I doubt that mine would be anything higher than $300. :/

What I'd like to do is pay the *bleeping* thing off regularly and ask for a CLI at the 4 or 6 month anniversary. Some people @ WGMC said they asked for one at activation and was offered either a $200 CLI or half off the annual fee. But for the life of me, I can't remember if hubby's had an annual fee) mine did -- $49.


Hubby's FICOs when we started: high 400s (June 2008)
Hubby's FICO NOW (04/06/09): TU: 679 EQ: 608 EX: ???
My FICOs: TU: 643, EQ: 606
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Re: Orchard ... approved or not??

always ask Orch is funny about CLI but i got one from 300CL to 500CL in a month in a half so it can be done! i PIF 1/2 of my balance most of the time or make more than one payment never paid the minimum they love that! also never be late and its only a rebuilder card but the apr is so low 9.9 for me so I have no complaints aside from this is one of my lower limits but oh well! They also report fast for me and they report 2xs a month for me im in the south they report yr statement balance and also they report on the last day of the month they got me with tht one! so be careful! and GL and remember never ever be late on yr cards and you guys will be on yr way to better credit! 
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Re: Orchard ... approved or not??

sorry  hit the button by accident  posted below

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Re: Orchard ... approved or not??

Congratulations are in  order   I know the feeling ......
I just got approved for  Orchard   500 CL I have a recently paid  CO for HSBC so I was surprised  they  considered me  I went to their preapproval site and  was informed  I pre qualified for their Orchard Platinum  and  I hit the button and voila ,  I am in rebuilding mode  a month ago  my Eq score was 568  and now its 650  I didn't check the others  at that time  but now  TU is 613 ( I got approved for  Target cl 200 the day before they pulled Tu) and Ex is 647.   I am still trying to clean up some of the erroneous info  but some of the stuff I had has dropped off.  I hope I am in the  700s  by the end of the year or early next year.

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Re: Orchard ... approved or not??

congrats wonderin, you deserve it with your great personality
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