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Ouch GE/Amazon pulled 2 reports!!

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Ouch GE/Amazon pulled 2 reports!!

Applied for GE Amazon Store Card and got the 7-10 message and got 7-10 day message. They pulled TU as it seems 99% they do. Called the recon line. Lady answered and said that it's declined for past delinquencies and collections and asked me what I wanted. I told her honestly I'm rebuilding, got few decent tradelines in last 24 months..4 COs from 2007 and 2008 stupid days and really want to get in the door with GE as well as also perhaps buy few small items from Amazon like Blu-Rays and Games here and there and if I could do that using Amazon card, build credit and relationship with GE and also improve credit..why not. She asked me for a limit and I said since I know that GE rewards their customers with decent CLIs I don't care what it is as long as I can build a relationship.


She said she notated my account and will have analyst do a manual review.


I guess I should have asked for more info but I was not told that the review will consists of pulling an EQ as well. They did...anyway just got an email they approved me with $400 credit limit to start with. Small CL for 2 Hard Pulls, but hindsight I got approved and can start building another tradeline and history...back to Garden for at least 6 months and hopefully shoot for Walmart in April/May next year and hoping that GE tradeline will help. I know for a fact that having relationship helps. I got approved for Sony card from CAPONE and was told that although my FICO was low, they approved it based on the fact that I have another CAPONE and 2 HSBCs that are paid on time and great for last 12-18 months. I guess it also helped that my UTIL is 3%


For those wondering my scores are


TU - 627

EQ - 606


Both from this website on 8/17, however my credit profile looks the same it did 2 weeks ago. Actually if anything my CAPONE card recently actually posted balance so I went from 3% util to 26% util before I apped so it might be few points lower.


4 CO's. 2 FP from 2007 that are unpaid (They are unwilling to PDF or even settle which is stupid - I'll wait until 1/14 for drop off), CO from 2008 for Orchard Bank and CO from CAPONE from 2009....those are paid! Rebuilding and starting fresh since 3/2011...Low Util, NO CAs, Learned everything about credit and money management from this forum..closed APPLIED BANK 2 months ago and will call after statement cuts to close CREDITONE before the crazy monthly fees start being charged in October!


Thank you all and it is possible to recon with Amazon and get in the door if you are honest. Also I tried reconning with other GE cards before like Dillards, Old Navy and Walmart and they did not want to hear anything so perhaps Amazon is little different.

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Re: Ouch GE/Amazon pulled 2 reports!!

Congrats! You are lucky to have gotten a chance to recon a GECRB app. Normally that doesn't happen - they say it's a computerized process. It will feel good to close that CreditOne account, they're worse than FP IMO. You should try to GW those paid accounts. Don't bother with the FP CO's because they won't budge. I've sent emails and letters to CEO's, VP's, anyone that could help - no dice. It is one of my only 2 baddies (the other one is Kay Jewelers CO). CapOne is hard to GW but is possible - not sure about Orchard Bank.

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Re: Ouch GE/Amazon pulled 2 reports!!

Ugh! I applied for this card today and got a 4-7 day message which I assume=denial. Smiley Sad   I like shopping on that site,especially with the holidays coming up. Oh well!  The funny thing is I applied for a Walmart card today too and was instantly approved for $1200!

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Re: Ouch GE/Amazon pulled 2 reports!!

First i've heard of GE doing a recon. Maybe they're reviewing their policies ala Cap1 Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Ouch GE/Amazon pulled 2 reports!!

At least you were approved. That's something! Congrats!

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Re: Ouch GE/Amazon pulled 2 reports!!

Getting in the door is half the battle. I would have app'd for the walmart first but since you love Amazon (current Amazon junkie) this is a tremendous start. Consumers have rights and even with less than perfect credit we deserve a shot. I love that you stated your case, were honest and got what you wanted. Well done!!

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