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Over the limit, any hits to score?

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Re: Over the limit, any hits to score?

fused wrote:

fishbjc wrote:
I believe so....I went otl by just $50, it reported and I was hit with approx. 10 pts.  Smiley Mad

Consider yourself VERY fortunate. For some, having a single revolving account reporting an OTL balance can have same the reslut as a serious derog hitting your reports. It's possible to lose well over 60 or 80 points when an OTL account reports.

The same just happened with my HSBC and lost 16 points, or something like that. This has happened once before if I remember and I lost around 25 then.
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Re: Over the limit, any hits to score?

Right now, I am overlimit on my HSBC Cash or Fly MC (not doing what I was supposed to do and I really should be since I have been on this site for awhile) by about 22 dollars.  I called them and told them to note on the account that I will be making a 600 dollar payment next week after Labor Day.  Should I call them and ask them if they plan to rate jack me???  I am wondering how this will effect the next CLI I might get with them; I am pretty sure it will.  I went overlimit once on one of my Cap1 cards and still received a CLI from them (maybe because I PIF to get the balance down to 0). 
I would really like to purchase a new Millineum Falcon with my WAMU (oops Chase card)!!!! But first I need a decent credit limit.
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