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PC to....?????

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PC to....?????

I have both the Southwest Visa and CSP. My 1 year anniversary on the Southwest card is approaching and I need to decide if I'm going to keep it or PC to something else before I incur the AF. It appears having both the CSP and Southwest visa is redundant and both have $95 AF's. I've decided that the CSP will serve me better overall but as I browse through Chases credit card portfolio, I'm not sure which card to PC to. The JPM Select is a contender (hidden TL) as well as the Hyatt and Marriott cards because they both have the smartchip which is great for overseas traveling which I plan to do later this year but I'm not sure which card to select. I usually stay at Starwood hotels when I travel but their card is issued by AMEX. Can you please help me decide?? Thanks in advance!

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Re: PC to....?????

you cannot PC the southwest card to any other. I tried as did someone from the executive office. she tried three different times and was told there is contractual language with southwest preventing PC to non sw product. however, you can transfer your available credit from sw to csp, then close.
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