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PNC In-Person SL Recon?


PNC In-Person SL Recon?

Has this been done before? I apparently have a personal branch banker, I dunno how intuitive that is.. but $3k is one of my lowest limits. 

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Re: PNC In-Person SL Recon?

Congrats on the nice starting limit.  

As with nearly all CC applications, that limit was selected by a computer algorithm based on what the computer knows about you.  Recon typically involves calling a CSR who has some access to the credit review screens, where the computer algorithm presents available overrides if other information may be available. If the customer states they will use the card for a large known transaction at a store and needs the extra credit limit, that may lead to a higher CL.  

Your personal banker is there for you to talk one on one to navigate all the available services the bank has to offer you. Each of those services on offer is intended to encourage you to make PNC your primary bank, since those services offerings lead, in a roundabout way, to bank revenue. 

Credit card decisions aren't directly made by the personal banker, although you meeting with the banker and outlining your plans to migrate all your banking activities to PNC, including thousands per month on the credit card, would be an impressive portfolio of data that the banker might use to call a credit decision line to lobby the same CSR group on your behalf to increase your credit line. Or, it may be that the banker types in notes to the credit decision makers, notes about all the business you are bringing to PNC. Then the banker ( through electronic credentials) submits those text notes to the credit department, turns to you and says "We should hear back in a few days with the decision".  

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Re: PNC In-Person SL Recon?

NRB525 described it in a nutshell.   The personal banker can't override a decision but they can lobby on your behalf and often get influencers and decision-makers to pick up the phone that a CSR could not or do not know to contact.


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Re: PNC In-Person SL Recon?

My understanding, and based on their internal policies, even the banker wouldn't be able to influence the lending team to override or reconsider the SL.  In very few and rare instances, unless you have quite a bit of $$$ parked in PNC, then that *may* have some weight.

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Re: PNC In-Person SL Recon?



I bank with PNC and the personal bankers can help you. They can't over the credit decision, but they can do a recon for you. If that doesn't work, you can try for a CLI every 6 months, and it's only a SP.



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Re: PNC In-Person SL Recon?

I used to bank with PNC, and when getting vehicle loan back in 2006 (old DP), the person asked about my interest in a credit card. I told the person I was interested, but I was denied for one recently. I forget the reason, but it was going to be my very first credit card, so I'm sure I had no history. They left and came back and said I was approved. Like the other members said, I don't think they can change an outcome, but they do have sway to lobby the people that can change outcomes. I would hope that it is still the same today.

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