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PNC Product Change


Re: PNC Product Change

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What about the Costco Citi VISA? 4% on Gas also..

I have a weird thing about my credit card account being attached to a wholesale club, even if I do not plan to cancel. If you do not renew your Costco membership, do they PC you to another card?


Plus Citi never gives me any prequal love. Smiley Surprised

While you can PC many Citi cards to the Costco Visa, at this time it seems to not be possible to PC from it.

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Re: PNC Product Change

They cancel it, I just got approved for it a few days ago. Never had a Citi prequal until I apped for the Sam's Club card and was only approved for the store card and noticed after it showed on my report all of a sudden I get prequal for the Costco Citi VISA. Thought it was a fluke so I waited a few weeks sure enough the only prequal was the Costco Citi. Took the plunge and it worked  👍

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Re: PNC Product Change

Congrats on the approval!

I think this early in my build, I should stay away from the Costco card as my membership is tied to another’s. If they were to cancel their membership, that would suddenly close my Costco credit card which wouldn’t kill my credit, but would be a base card for age I would hate to be taken away. The PNC card is much later down the line though. First, Mr. Chase needs to give me their CSR in a year please. My last 5/24 slot is precious lol
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