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PNC Select Rewards Platinum discontinued

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PNC Select Rewards Platinum discontinued

I got a letter from PNC stating that my Select Rewards Platinum credit card will be discontinued by December 2010 and that I will receive a PNC Points Credit Card in its stead in mid October with a new account number. Everything else, so they promise, will be switched over or remain the same.


I opened the account in 2007 and it is in excellent standing (CL $8000) with balance paid in full each month.


I am worried that they will somehow mess with my credit limit for NO apparent reason AND/OR change the credit report so that I will have a new account on my report instead of the one from 2007.


Does anyone know more about this? The old Select Rewards Platinum was managed by Elan Financial Services, and I have to say that even though they were extremely conservative with credit lines, their service was polite, accurate and professional. Do PNC now manage their credit cards in house or will Elan remain their partner? I am afraid to call as you never know what they will conclude from your call.


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Re: PNC Select Rewards Platinum discontinued

   i am in the same boat , did a bal trans with them 18 months ago for 2.99 for life of loan, for 18000.00 i have paid back 4000.00 so far now

switching to this new card min payment went from 177.00 a month to 325.00 a month, which is no problem i was paying 305.00 anyway

my cl is 25900.00 i am hoping they do not change terms or cl of the new pnc card.

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