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PSA - Mastercard Black "Luxury" Card

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Re: PSA - Mastercard Black "Luxury" Card

@Wrigley2172 wrote:
So my dad actually has the gold card. He got it probably 3 years ago with the 1st year waived and then got it waived the second year. Not sure this year and beyond but he still uses it pretty regularly. Hes a self made company owner and he got it basically for the "because i can" factor and I think it gives him some pride in a weird way that he was able to build his company and can now afford this super expensive card even if the rewards are basically nill. I will admitt though ive made quite a few "hows that $1000" taste remarks go but he just laughs

Kudos to your dad for doing what makes him happy.  

$1,000 is just money that a person decides what they want to spend it on.  

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