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PSCU Financial Services

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PSCU Financial Services

I know a number of credit unions subcontract through PSCU Financial services I was just wondering if anybody knew which credit bureau/versionof scores PSCU pulls from.

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Re: PSCU Financial Services

As far as I remember PSCU pull Experian, at least it did in Dallas so I relly cannot tell you for sure in case of any other state.

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Re: PSCU Financial Services

 PSCU offers credit unions the ability to retrieve credit bureau scores via Equifax using our Score Source product.  A credit union using this product can manage risk around the credit card portfolio by using our Adaptive Control Solution product. 


Additionally, in the near future, we will be offering credit unions a choice of retrieving credit bureau scores from Equifax, Experian or Transunion.  This product enhancement will provide credit unions with greater flexibility in managing their card portfolio regardless of their demographic location.


For more information about how PSCU can manage your credit card portfolio, please contact us at 1-800-443-7728, ext. 4007 or

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Re: PSCU Financial Services

No wonder why most CU's pull Equifax these days. Guess that's going to change soon.

DCU ( pulled 3/29/13) EQ04 683 | Amex (pulled 3/28/13) EX 760 | US Bank (pulled 3/28/13) EX 753
CreditKarma (4/19/13) TU-TR 701 | TU Vantage 788 | USAA FAKO (3/31/13) EX 728, EQ 699, TU 737 |
Inquiries (4/18/13) EX 13 | EQ 13 | TU 14
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