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PayPal 2% Rewards Error

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PayPal 2% Rewards Error

Tried to redeem my PayPal rewards a couple of weeks ago through the synchrony site. It didn't appear to go through, so I did it again. A balance was still showing on my card so I tried a 3rd time and it wouldn't let me. About a day later, I got credited twice, but still have a rewards balance. Left the money sitting in my PayPal since the 21st of March and they still haven't fixed it. Called them this morning and they said they don't have any record of withdrawal and I can claim my rewards balance. I explained the situation and they said they don't see anything and to go ahead and claim my rewards. Not sure if it will be a good idea to triple dip my rewards.


Anyone else have a similar issue?

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Re: PayPal 2% Rewards Error

Sounds like you tried your best to get them to fix, so I would just take it.  (I assume we aren't talking about huge amounts).   At some point, they may issue a correction and make the reward balance negative, which is fine.

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