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PayPal MC CLI Yesterday, Today Account Closed???

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Re: Synchrony Closures Starting Again?

Synchrony is a weird bank. They closed my Amazon CC sometime ago without notification.

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Re: PayPal MC CLI Yesterday, Today Account Closed???

They did the same to me a few months back, I had a lot of available credit with them so it kinda stung a little bit.  They sent me a questionaire after I talked with them on the phone and lets just say I wasn't very nice.  I won't do any business with synchrony anymore, and I have informed all the businesses that I had synchrony cards with about what they were doing.  I feel that they were not making money off of me, they were actually paying me money because of the cash back card I was using daily then paying the balance off, so they closed my accounts.  I found better paying cards out there that are way better than synchrony anyway.   And after they closed my accounts my credit score actually went up by 20 points somehow.  

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Re: PayPal MC CLI Yesterday, Today Account Closed???

My 2 cents worth.  I believe that when a card issuer like Synch makes moves to shut down (even a bunch of people) all of their cards a person holds, and that person has been a good customer as far as paying etc,  that it has more to do with an internal financial strategy for the company.  It's hair pulling for the card holder because it can mess up a lot of things like aaofa and overall utilization.. even if you know it had nothing to do with you and that you could apply for the cards again in 30 days and be approved, who would want to do that and sit on edge from then on wondering when or if they were going to jerk the rug out from under your account again any time soon?  Synch isn't the only issuer that has been known to do these things, but they're WELL KNOWN for doing it which is why I'm good with just my Lowes card and won't be applying for another Synch card.

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