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Paying AMEX early.....question....

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Re: Paying AMEX early.....question....

Guess you are right, I know that for the zync it certainly had the waiting period, but yet for the Costo which is a charge card let me do two within one month.  I also know that you are allowed payments every 48 hours?  So far that has been my experience. 



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Re: Paying AMEX early.....question....

DI: [quote]

I like PenFed and BOA for this type of issue.  PenFed and BOA allows one to make payments before a balance is posted.   I don't like AMEX for the reason that you decribed. I've always had to pay through my bank to force a payment to AMEX.   But I prefer paying directly to the bank who I owe. [/quote]


This only applies to the FIRST month after activation. After the first statement is cut, you can make a payment once per day if you want.

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