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Paying Father's Non-Joint Cards Bills

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Re: Paying Father's Non-Joint Cards Bills


Jubin wrote:

Thanks again haulingthescoreup, fortunately none of these a/c's are AMEX and with your very valuable info now I have a good picture of what is going on and will decide which way to go to have my name removed as the advantage of being a AU on these a/c's doesn't worth the terrible dive my FICO has taken and I'd be better off not to be AU on these a/c's. I wish I had kept on an eye on my credit reports to notice this sooner. Now I am contemplating between and myfreecreditreport services as the one to use on permanent basis, I am guessing that you are all using myfico and are happy with it @ about $13/mnth, I am on their 10 day free trial and it seems to be a good service ... the 10 days is ending tomorrow and I have emailed them not to renew it until I finish my homework of removing my name on these CCC's then staring the service with them and keep a close eye on it. I have printed the reports and know which CCC's I need to work on.

The three-in-one services are great for monitoring your reports. But none of them provide FICO scores.


Many of us have used and still use 3-in-1's, but we've learned to ignore the FAKO scores (and FAKO score advice) that come with them. The FAKO's are confusing at best and can be damaging, if some of their advice is followed. Since FAKO scores result from a non-FICO scoring algorithm, different factors on credit reports are scored differently, and the scores can be way higher or lower than the corresponding FICO's.


It's actually fine to have no clue what your FICO scores are, if you keep an eye on the contents of your reports, and if you aren't in the market for new credit. It's useful to know your FICO's though if you're getting ready to look for an auto loan, etc.


llecs, one of the moderators, compiled a great list comparing the various monitoring services: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

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