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Paying mortgage with a credit card- help!

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Paying mortgage with a credit card- help!



My mortgage is about 1200. I want rewards on this, for obvious reasons. I plan on using my CFU, as I can transfer and utilize URs to get the most to offset the extra I would pay with the fees I expect to pay via the 3rd party services.


I tried setting up payment via Plastiq, and while it allowed me to set up my Chase auto finance, it gave me issues setting up my mortgage (which is also via Chase). My limit is enough, so it's not about having ~20% of tyour CL available..


Can someone confirm if they make payments via Plastiq for their Chase financed mortgage? 

If this is an issue, any advice on other options, where I would get the 1.5x benefit of the CFU?

Total Credit Line- $89,300| Personal- $78,650 | Biz- $5,650
Current Score [F9]: EX-721 || TU-759 || EQ-768 || AAoA-2yrs7mo || uti- 1% || 100% payment history || 9 inq
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Re: Paying mortgage with a credit card- help!

OP, this might not be doable with your CFU Visa using Plastiq. You may want to reference the link below for more context:

@Plastiq may be able to provide more direction on this as well.
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Re: Paying mortgage with a credit card- help!

Thanks for tagging @FinStar.



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