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Paying off my cc, today paid 3 of them off! only 2 left

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Paying off my cc, today paid 3 of them off! only 2 left

hi, i would like to know your opinion on this.  i have 6 credit card.  today i just paid off 3 of them.  still i have a total of 3475 in the two credit card with balance i have..  one of my credit cards is offering ten dollars transfer fee on balance transfers and 1.99 interest for 6 months, the credit limit in this acct  is 4000.  my question is : if i transfer my balance of 3475.00 to my 4000 credit limit card, would that hurt my fico score?  i know utilization in that single cc will go up to 85-88 but i will have 5 cc with 0 balance.  the reason for the transfer is high interest in my cc, will save about 60.00 per month.  i know i will pay the transfer balance within the promotion period.


this is very important to me because i will be buying my first home  very soon 6-12 months and do not want to lower my score a single point.


thank you to all in advance,



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