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Paying property taxes on credit card (Amex)

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Re: Paying property taxes on credit card (Amex)

pizzadude wrote:

clocktick wrote:

Hello all, happy new year!


I've read certain things can trigger a FR from Amex.  I found out today I can pay my property taxes with a credit card and would, preferably, like to use my Amex.  Has this personally happened to anyone or is it purely speculation?  Why would they, or any other credit card company, care if you pay your taxes with their card?


Thank you. 


Most of the "certain things" involve behaviour far outside the norm of typical card usage.   Paying taxes is a normal payment that shouldn't raise anyone's attention.


Non-typical behaviour might include ~ Buying large amounts of US Mint currency to attempt to get around cash-advance fees, or buying large amounts of gift cards and returning them for cash are the types of things that would get someone's attention.

Right, or buying 10k/month in gfits cards at the Supermarket with your Everday Cash Preferred.  Or, using Amazon payments and paying yourself 1k month for the points.  Or, paying with 3rd party checks from unknown sources, etc....


More often than not, it is very deviant behaviour which has no "apparent" purpose other than to game or fraud.


Or, and this did happen, making tons of strangers AUs for backdating purposes for a fee.

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Re: Paying property taxes on credit card (Amex)

I've done it for years and it's never been a problem...

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Re: Paying property taxes on credit card (Amex)

Ugh.  They only take VISA, MC and Discover.  Also:


Credit cards will have a 2.45% and debit is a $3.95 flat convenience fee.


This is just like my electric bill.  I was thrilled they finally allowed credit cards payments only to find out there's a fee for doing so.


I guess I need to resort to check-writing for these taxes.  Smiley Sad

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Re: Paying property taxes on credit card (Amex)

Be careful to read the fine print. A lot of counties charge a convenience fee upwards of 2-5% for paying with a credit card which would negate any rewards you would earn by paying with a credit card. Not sure if they are allowed to do this but they do it anyways, kinda like the gas stations with the cash/non-cash price.

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