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Payments - trying something different!

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Re: Payments - trying something different!

CreviceTool wrote:

RockinRay wrote:

 I "might" hi 2% util if I do this and the upside is I will make a small amount of interest by leaving the money in my checking account with USAA. .... I am not looking for nor do I need any new credit at this time. 

I can't imagine 2% making a difference, or if it does, I would expect it to be tiny.  But even if it made a huge difference, if you're not looking for any credit, who cares?  If/when you need credit, you can pay them early again, and rebound within one month.  I PIF every month, but the ONLY time I paid them early was when I was apping for new cards.  My CL was much lower, so my util was much higher.  My scores jumped up when I paid early, got the cards I wanted, then reverted back to letting my money earn interest (for me) until the bills were due.  Smiley Happy

Exactly! I am not looking so it will be intersting to see what my numbers do... I am thinking not too much.


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