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Paypal 2% Cashback Mastercard Signup Bonus

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Re: Paypal 2% Cashback Mastercard Signup Bonus

@RedPenguin wrote:

Does anyone have more information on how exactly the offers work on this card?


I oddly was emailed three seperate offers for applying.


Aug was the OP's offer, Sep was no APR until 4/5/20, and Oct (the offer I hit Apply for) was 4% CB for 90 days.


Originally I just got the card for bill paying to get rewards so I never expected to make any signup bonus as I had another main card so would barely charge on this one.


Now this will be my main card as my previous card's rewards are basically worthless to me now.


What confuses me is, when I hit "Offers" in the account, strangely it shows the No APR offer but then underneath it says "If applied by 10/5/19" and I think I applied 10/13.


I assume I would only get the offer I hit Apply Now for, but if so, why would they even bother showing me that no APR offer if it doesn't even apply to me? I wouldn't mind the $100 offer as well but guess I am just out of luck most likely.

Just happened to me today, and I'm confused. I had the 4% offer pop up on logging in to PP. Clicked the link, approved. Acclimating myself to their site and see my offer is the 0% through April 2020 and 2% as well. I app'd today and that offer still shows if applied by 10/5/19. I have no idea which actually applies to me at this point. 

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