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Paypal Credit decision time

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Paypal Credit decision time

I will be traveling this week. Going to Memphis to visit daughter and watch a little golf. Yay me!

In preparation I am paying this week's bills and Paypal Credit is due 27th. I may be over thinking this, as I have no plans to app for anything in the next few months. Still, I am a bit concerned about this account reporting roughly 35% utilization. Actually, my previously budgeted payment will get it down to 35%. I have one other account, US Bank, that reports high utilization (78%) on a 0% BT offer.

I haven't paid any interest this year and would like to keep that streak intact. I have been trying to have only 4 report balances, 3 under 8.9% and the big one. Would I be better off allowing a few more to report under 10% and get PP Credit below 30%? Assuming it is going to report.


FWIW, all of my SP denials have stated some version of credit seeking, new accounts, recent inquiries, etc...  I have May 2013 Medical baddie ($1200) across all three, and 2 additional small ones ($48 & $79) on Equifax.


Again, not really concerned about apping for remainder of year, just concerned about any possible AA due to new (3/26/19) PP Credit showing up.


All input appreciated.


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Re: Paypal Credit decision time

I wouldnt worry. Scores bounce back , utilization has no memory . Enjoy your trip make your normal payment and que sera sera!
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Re: Paypal Credit decision time

I'm Thinking that, you may be over thinking? like @AJC said; Have a Nice Trip. and don't trip.Smiley Happy

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Re: Paypal Credit decision time

Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I usually let my cards report with less than 5%, but I had to let one report over 50%. It actually didn’t bring my score down nearly as much as I expected. Plus, like others said, utilization-related scoring is extremely elastic. 

Have a good time in TN! 

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Re: Paypal Credit decision time

Individual utilization is nowhere near as impactful as aggregate utilization. I wouldn't worry about one account with higher utilization as long as your aggregate is still low. 


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