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Paypal Extras Dilemma

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Paypal Extras Dilemma

Over the past 6 months I have applied for this card 3 different times. Each time I get a reply that they couldn't approved my application. I then subsequently (usually 3 or 4 days later) get an email stating my account doesn't qualify. In all 3 cases there was NO credit report pulled. I spent an hour on the phone today with a Paypal Extras MC specialist who finally came back with, "my account doesn't qualify because I already have a Paypal debit card."


My current Paypal account is business, so he instructed me to open a new Paypal personnal account and I then would qualify. **bleep**? Anyone ever hear of this before? I was told several times previously on this board (i think) that having a debit card wouldn't prevent you from acquring the Exra's MC.  

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Re: Paypal Extras Dilemma

So, you're running smart connect tied into their debit?


*edit: never mind. I'm outta coffee.


I think the CSR is hinting to you "in not so many words," that business line of credit is riskier/more exposure than they're willing to handle, so they want your individual identity tied into the "possibility" of getting approved for the MC. If not the MC, then you're stuck with SC. IMO the card is overrated, and the APR stinks.

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