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Paypal Mastercard oxymoronic offer🤔

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Re: Paypal Mastercard oxymoronic offer🤔

@JR_TX wrote:

Oh yes the good ol' Sync!

They'll even give you a $25K CLI in an instant then turn around and shut down all your accounts hours later! 

what card is that cuz ill take itSmiley Wink. Please tell me its QVC😆

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Re: Paypal Mastercard oxymoronic offer🤔

OK, but what's oxymoronic about it? That just sounds redundant.

Chase Sapphire Reserve ($24.005k), Fidelity VS ($17K), AmEx Blue Cash ($12.5K), Chase Freedom ($15K), Chase Freedom Unlimited ($15K), US Bank Cash+ ($5K)
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Re: Paypal Mastercard oxymoronic offer🤔

Strangely, I've had great luck with Synchrony and the PayPal card.  One of the vendors for my business really screwed up a charge and they were very accommodating.  Must be the clam before the proverbial storm.

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