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Paypal Pay Later Hitch?

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Paypal Pay Later Hitch?

So I recently bought a camera via eBay, and upon checking out there was an offer from PayPal for "PayPal Pay Later". It's essentially a PayPal line of credit. However, after I put in all my information, I received a denial, and reasons weren't stated until i got the reason in my mailbox last night. It's reason for denial was "UNABLE TO VERIFY IDENTITY WITH INFORMATION PROVIDED WHEN YOU APPLIED", based off my Equifax credit report. I called GE Money, who are apparently the people giving the lines of credit, and they gave me a massive runaround after which they basically said "we have no idea who to send you for this because we don't have you on file". After calling PayPal, they said to call Equifax, which basically involves putting in a dispute on my credit report, problem with that is, there is nothing at all to dispute, there's nothing wrong and I have recently approved credit (last year) from a pull on my EQ. So, wasted inquiry and no idea how to go about getting it removed/dealt with, any ideas? Smiley Sad

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Re: Paypal Pay Later Hitch?

GE sucks if you need to talk to them about issues, they have no idea.

Dispute the INQ with EQ. 

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