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PenFed Fico Score 9 Update

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Re: PenFed Fico Score 9 Update

If your score is showing up at 800 you're a member of PenFed you should make the magic list so we called them take out a small loan right after that you'll be on the list I have a car loan with them it was very easy to do then I went and got my mortgage to them also easy to do their rates are far superior to the general market

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Re: PenFed Fico Score 9 Update

@Cinajoy wrote:

This is helpful because I have to purchasing my townhome my score dropped and I didn't understand why someone would get penalized for a good credit

confused on your quesation/statement.  Might want to read up on section of forum understanding fico scoring as if you get a new mortgage you are going to take a hit on your credit for at least the first year then it will be a huge asset after that, etc...

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Re: PenFed Fico Score 9 Update

Unfortunately, I'm still stuck in Turbo Tax Purgatory as well.  I'm three years in with them.  

Credit is a lot like a Reputation....It takes 20 years to build it and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, and you will do things differently.

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Re: PenFed Fico Score 9 Update

@Jnbmom wrote:

Just a side note. I have never  had any offers other than that lovely turbo .


Just recently cold apped and got the power rewards card 15K and 5K increase on the gold and 2K increase on the promise.


So it is possible to get something when there are no offers present, however it's always better and more exciting to get offers. 

Congrats! mom. Smiley Happy That is some good work right there. 


Just a side note: it is posts like this that makes folks like me say "Hmmm ... maybe this time NOW is the right time?" And then that thought gets stuck in my head until inevitably I bury another HP in The Penfed Graveyard for Wayward Hard Pulls


It's like a horror movie -- the music is forboding, the moster is lurking, and I am just so darn oblivious.


The only thing that ever saves me is when @AverageJoesCredit also gets tricked, Smiley Wink beats me there first and quickly puts up an appropiately forlorn post about his lousy experience. Then I can read that & say "See, it was a trap!" Smiley Wink Never again! says Joe. Amen, says I. 


But now that Joe has sworn off those fools I don't know how I'll hang onto my HPs. Smiley LOL

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Re: PenFed Fico Score 9 Update

I didn't even know you could get a Fico score from PenFed...


EQ F9 2-20.png

I've only been with them for 45 days, but strangely I get what looks like pre-quals on the phone app, but nothing on the web page.


BTW, how long does it take them to update your available credit? It's been a couple weeks and the balance updated but that's it.

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Re: PenFed Fico Score 9 Update

😂😂 that turbo tax ad still bugging me in 2021.

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