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PenFed Membership?

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Re: PenFed Membership?


When we joined they used the HP for membership for the next 90 days if applying for any credit products. 


And yes, they can be rather conservative.   I guess my parents had accounts with them years prior.  We asked if they wanted "docs" and they said "no, is 12 thousand a good starting line on the card?"   We said yes, instant approval for 12k 5 % cash back for gas card"


DM only had 1 HP in the past 2 years on the report they pulled.  And a rather long history on top of previous history with PenFed.

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Re: PenFed Membership?

Well I guess it is okay since it is only an HP for EQ I thought it would be like a triple pull like AMEX did me on the 17th.. so still in the garden status technically? EXP and TU have no inquiries since April Smiley Very Happy

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