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PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

Penfed hands out quarterly offers?! Smiley Surprised


Kidding! I got my Power Cash Rewards from one of those way back in July 2017, but I haven't seen one in my account main screen in a year and a half now...

Ch 7 BK discharged 11/28/14, credit rebuild well advanced. FICO:TU 680 FICO 8 (3/2/19) or 687 FICO 9/EX 694 FICO 8/EQ 685 FICO 8 or 674 FICO 9 (NFCU 3/3/19), VS 3.0 10/17/18: TU 702/EX 699/EQ 698. $92.9k revolving credit as of 1/31/19; $1K NFCU cashRewards Visa, $2K BJ's Perks MC, $5.1k Discover It #1, $6.5k Discover It #2 (new 3/12/18), $3.5k Petal Visa, $6k Paypal 2% CB MC, $6k Amazon Prime Store Card, $6k Walmart Store Card, $7k Apple FCU Platinum Visa, $7k Penfed Power Cash Rewards Visa, $11.8k Overstock Store Card, $15K Care Credit, $16K Cap One QS Rewards Visa Signature, $10k PenFed used car loan, $5k Navient student loan, $12.7k Lending Club loan. Gardening: 3 months, 19 days as of 1/31/19. 24 HP inqs total as of 10/12/18: 10 TU, 9 EQ, 5 EX (about half over 1 year old).
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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

I'm guessing I don't get them. Don't even know where to look. I moved my auto refinance to ETFCU recently when they offered me a card and lower APR
ETFCU Auto Loan - NFCU CLOC $15k

In My Wallet:

NFCU Flagship Visa $17k
ETFCU Prim Plus MC $5k
NFCU More Rewards Amex $3k
Amex Marriot Business Bonvoy $3k
DiscoverIT $2.2
Amex Hilton Honors $1k

Dresser Wallet:

Wayfair $9k
JC Penny $6k
Walmart $3k
Zales $2.45
Belk $1.5k

Business Accounts:

Amazon Corporate $4.5k
Fuleman Fleet $1.2k
BP Business Solutions $1.2k
Staples $1k
Office Depot $1k
Quill $0.1k
Uline $0.1k

Sock Drawer:

CapOne QS1 $1.55k
Merrick Bank $1.4k
Amex Delta Blue $1k
USAA Classic Amex $0.5k
CarCare $0.5k
PayPal MC $0.3k
Target $0.3k


Best Buy Visa $4k (AA)
Sportsman Guide Visa $2.5 (AA)
Citi AAdvantage $2.5k (AA)
Mattress Firm $1.5k (Closed for no activity)
Finger Hut $1k (Closed for no activity)
Home Depot $0.5k (AA)
Shell Gas $0.5k (AA)
CapOne Platinum $0.7k (Combined into QS1)
Credit One MC $0.45k (Closed)
Credit One Visa $0.8k (Closed)
First Premier Visa $0.7k (Closed)
Indigo $0.3k (Closed)
Avant $0.3k (Closed)
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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

I never get any offer love from Penfed!

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

I never get any online offers but they sent me what appeared to be a pre-approved loan check for up to 20k last month (had to use by 1/31), under 10% APR which was interesting to me since my PLOC is higher than that even.


Was good and didn't do it heh.

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

Still nothing for me. Equifax score too low I suppose?

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

knocking on 800's door on 09 score and notta.. I accept i will never be on their pre-qual list for whatever reason..


with that said i just paid off my CC with them that i had a balance on from a BT and got a new car that isn't through PenFed meaning penfed car loan is now paid off so just have an installment loan with them that will be going to barclay's for a 7.99 rate as well so they won't have me owing them any money anymore they might go into a panic and actually offer me something lol..  This has all happened in one month Smiley Happy

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

@K-in-Boston wrote:

Still nothing for me. Equifax score too low I suppose?

Doubt it has to do with your score.

mmm what type of sorcery did you use to bump all your scores like 50 points??? 

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

Combination of HELOC paying off most of credit card balances and a reappearing mortgage that was sold to another lender and disappeared from my reports for a few months. EQ is up about 100 in 2 months or so.


Both PenFed cards are paid off and I just have a tiny auto loan refi with them that I could pay off at any time but I am riding out for credit mix and the 2% interest really doesn’t add up to much. Honestly not much I want from PenFed with the offers but I’m a few months shy of 3 years with them at this point and it would be nice to see something. I DO want my remaining pair of $500 credit card CLIs but not enough to take a HP.

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

@imaximous wrote:

It looks like I've hit a new low with Penfed. My turbotax offer used to appear only on the right side and towards the bottom. Now it's on the main banner making fun of me Smiley LOL


Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 11.59.56 PM.png

That's what mine looked like to. My first thought was "oh if they moved it up they had to make room for something else" lol that or, it's actually tax season and is more relevant there Smiley Happy

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Re: PenFed Quarterly Offers :)

@DaveInAZ wrote:

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
What's a PenFed?Smiley Wink

I think it's a bank somewhere in Pensylvania . . . which is a hoot and a holler from Transylvania.


Their TurboTax offer is awesome, I finished filing my Fed & State tax return yesterday before the Sooperbowl, but I didn't use Penfed's great offer because TurboTax is free anyway for us po' folk with uncomplicated returns.

It sounds like folks have soured on PenFed lol thye've been good to me. They haven't always been, but last couple of years have been an upswing

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