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PenFed cards going Contactless

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PenFed Pathfinder... is CONTACTLESS

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I tried searching and was surprised I didn't see any discussion about this.


My Pathfinder card just came in and it has the contactless logo on it! Very nice. Smiley Very Happy


Edit: Thanks mods for merging this in! I don't see any data points for the Pathfinder Amex being contactless. Is this a recent change?

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Re: PenFed Pathfinder... is CONTACTLESS

Yes, very recent.

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Re: PenFed cards going Contactless

Hmmm. I opened a checking account and just received my Visa debit card yesterday. It is not contactless. I looked for the four curved lines radiating rightward on the front of the card and nada. I guess my card slipped through the cracks. I’ll call them at 9:00.
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