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PenFed offers!

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Re: PenFed offers!

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

@JAG73 wrote:

Congrats on your offers....l got the same as always 😐

rocking the turbo tax as well?

Yes......I'm as excited as I have been every time I get it. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: PenFed offers!

I have been a member of PenFed for about 1.5 years.  I got my first offer a couple weeks ago, excellent new or used auto offer at the lowest rates.  Surprised to see them as I've read others wait many years and never see any.  Fresh out of BK13 as well.  


Makes me wonder if this indicates that I might have a good shot at a credit card product.  I tried for that about a year ago with no luck. 

BBVA Clearpoints $16,000 | Discover $13,900 | CECU Visa $10,000 | NFCU Go Rewards Visa Sig. $18,500 | NFCU CLOC $15,000 | PayPal CB MC $10,000 | Paypal Credit $10,000 | Card $7,500 | AMX Hilton Honors Ascend $2,000 | Wayfair $23,900 | Sportsmans Guide Visa $12,400 | Kohls $3,000 | Capital One Savor One $3,500 | PNC Cash Rewards $17,000 | PenFed Power Cash Rewards $10,000 | PenFed Gold $10,000 | Lowe's $20,000 | Best Buy Visa $4,000 | Home Depot $4,000 | NFCU Platinum $25,000
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Re: PenFed offers!

Huh, I actually have the auto loan offer along with rockin' the eternal yuppie foodstamp off Turbotax.


I can't remember anything else actually ever being down there... and membership since 2012.  Admittedly got in when I was a dirty birdy and EQ FICO 9 is currently 250 points above where I started with them but I've basically just ignored it all.  When I need something I'll go check rates there but while they're often good they don't seem to be great as a general rule. 

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