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Penfed CC Question

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Penfed CC Question

Hi All,


I received a blank check from Penfed saying I am preapproved for a personal loan of up to $25k with 17.99 interest rate. I have always been interested in getting a CC with them and I'm getting the itch to apply (also looking to book a vacation soon). If I'm preapproved for a loan with them are my chances better for a CC? I have a savings with them but my Penfed fico score hasn't been updated since May of this year. I show no preapproved offers on my account (just the lovely Turbo Tax offer). Thanks for the help.

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Re: Penfed CC Question

Sorry, I don’t have an answer but can I ask, how long have you been with Penfed?


also over in the big Penfed thread I believe that lastest data points say you need about a 680 to get a CC. And believe that’s FICO 9.

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Re: Penfed CC Question

Only one way to find out. Care to share some DPs especially your EQ FICO9?

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Re: Penfed CC Question

Became a member in January of this year and denied for Penfed CC. Went ahead and just decided to app for Penfed Powercash rewards today and approved. More info in approval area.
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Re: Penfed CC Question

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The new thread can be found here:
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