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Penfed 'counter offer'

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Re: Penfed 'counter offer'

Thanks a lot for all!

The email I received seems to have me fax my response to them. It has a title "load Response ***" and says 'please provide the additional information indicated below'--- "Counter-offer platinum cash rewards based on Unsecured guidelines" ...

maybe I could ask can I have higher credit line in the fax..

btw, to score_building, what does an AA contender mean?



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Re: Penfed 'counter offer'

Adverse Action -they have reportedly reduced some members CL and chased balances in some instances, i think high uti was cited in most cases posted something to avoid with them and in general.  it is more unusual to hear about CU AA so it tends to be a bit alarming but then it makes sense to protect members and revise loan terms that may no longer be appropriate. 


i've read how good things can get with them simply by using, pif and waiting for offers to crop up, hope you get more if it is on the table...maybe you have additional income you didn't disclose, etc.

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Re: Penfed 'counter offer'

Thanks a lot!

I don't think there's extra income so my asking for higher cl won't be much supported.. I think I'll simply take that offer. and of course PIF each time before statement cuts.

Thanks again!

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