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Penn Credit calling about card

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Re: Penn Credit calling about card

@MojaveMoon wrote:

I *think* the particular opt out suggestions made so far do not apply to a situation where you already have an existing relationship with the company.


Once you have a relationship with the company, to get offers to stop then I think you have to ask them to be put on their internal Do Not Contact list. The banks that I have a credit card and checking account with annually mail information as a reminder of what types of information sharing and communications that you can and can not opt out of.

All this I believe is correct but it only takes a few seconds to tell the caller to put you on their own do not call list. It's always worked for me but as always YMMV.




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Re: Penn Credit calling about card


@Gray wrote:
This is true, if you are doing business, you need to inquire about their internal sharing of information and opt out of marketing preferences. It's the *first* thing I do when I open up an account. And I bank with USAA, Ally, Navy Federal, and PenFed. None have contacted me about credit cards or anything else.

I don't recommend being aggressive. It could backfire. They could put a nasty note in your profile that might affect you later. And if you make threats, they can call the police (not that anyone would ever do such a thing).

There's a way to be aggressive without being hostile.  It's called being firmed.    Had I not been aggressive with U.S. Bank and Kroger 123, many members on here would still have incorrect opening dates reporting on their credit reports which  affects their AAoAs.

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