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Petal card! Any success?

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Petal Visa Credit Card??

I noticed to get pre approved they want you to link your Bank account.  now my question is do you have to accept their offer if they say you are approved?  

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

No you don't have to accept the offer. I played around with it last year. They offered $10k. I never accepted.

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

Thanks my friend for the reply
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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

Petal....its NOT what for dinnerSmiley Wink

Petal....the OTHER white meatSmiley Wink
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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

What does that mean?
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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

Pork commercial would always say that lol

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

Did they end up pulling your actual score from any of the CBRs outside of just asking for bank accounts? I have the card and it did end up doing a hard pull on mine. 

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

What ideally are they looking for? Does anybody know?


i don’t want Petal digging through my main banking hub. But I have a savings account (at a separate bank from my main checking hub) that just sits and collects interest. Do they require linking to a checking account or is that good enough? I also saw some reports that they want to link to your credit cards too? Can someone confirm this. TIA.

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

@FreeIsForMe2019 wrote:


"Petal - So close... You were so close to finishing your application for the Petal Credit Card.

Click the button below and get pre-approval decision within minutes. Questions?

We've got answers. Support - 1-855-697-3825. 

The Petal credit card is issued by WebBank, Member FDIC.

Petal Card Inc, MSC — 166931, P.O. Box 105168, Atlanta, GA 30348-5168"


Petal Credit Card pulled my credit report and its listed as this:

Credit Bureaus......Experian

Company..............Petal Card/Webbank

Address................116 W HOUSTON ST, APT 2, NEW YORK, NY 10012-2594



So Being Curious? (it's The Maxwell Smart Invesitigator in Me),

about "APT 2", I looked up; "Address................116 W HOUSTON ST, APT 2, NEW YORK, NY 10012-2594"

This is what I came up with, 


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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

@FreeIsForMe2019 wrote:

I agree with you, I saw that APT # 2 address in the Experian's Credit Report info of PETAL and when I saw that, I quickly changed my bank password. I plan on changing my bank account info in the morning also. If I keep them, I will pay by other credit card instead much safer.

I did a little more research, seems webbank is the issuer, but Petal probably has an agreement and is marketing the card,

you can do some Google Research about The CEO and officers of Petal, I did not find anything necersarily bad.

so I would not be too alarmed. but one giving out access to screename and password to your Bank account.

that just is cause for Red Flags to go up. at least with Me.

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