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Petal card! Any success?

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??


Have had the card for almost a year and no problem what so ever. So no need to be worried at all...


@FreeIsForMe2019 wrote:

I agree with you, I saw that APT # 2 address in the Experian's Credit Report info of PETAL and when I saw that, I quickly changed my bank password. I plan on changing my bank account info in the morning also. If I keep them, I will pay by other credit card instead much safer.


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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

I wouldn't be freaking out about them using an aggregation tool that any more than I would about Mint/Intuit, Fidelity, and so on (my credit union offers one)... but you do you I guess. This is actually fairly common for banks to offer this; what's unique is Petal uses it to help inform how they grant credit.

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

It took 2-4 weeks for the PETAL card to arrive. and I figured out they won't report to the Credit Bureaus until you first make a purchase on their card which took 2-3 months to show up on. They do report to all 3 Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax & TransUnion). So for any new card for anything I recommend you make a small purchase so you will get on the Credit Bureaus Radar which will boost down your credit usage percentage (Below 30%) and raise your credit score each month.

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

They denied me in 2017. They said the card is for people with no credit. At that time I didn't have any credit cards just horrible credit. Now I have almost every card i ever wanted without petals help.
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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

I applied about two months ago. At the time, I had a couple of starter cards and not much else. I reached the part of the application where you enter your bank login information. I entered it, but got the password wrong (I realized later). It said it was "trying to connect" and told me to "check again tomorrow" every time I checked for about a week. I don't remember now if I was unaware at that time that I had the password wrong, or if it didn't give me an opportunity to change the password. I think the latter, but wouldn't swear to it. Eventually, it told me that I had been denied. I don't think it gave a reason. I am unable to try again, because Petal does not allow you to reapply once you've been denied. Don't really care at this point, just posting for data points.

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

Hi I got approved for Petal account and i didnt have to link bank information, I was able to be approved from credit report only. When you set up bill pay they have 2 options. I picked option 2 as i will not give anyone access to my banking account in this way. 


Link your account
Linking one or more accounts allows Petal to analyze your finances over time and determine your eligibility for additional offers and services, including access to budgeting features and benefits
Use routing and account number
Add an account you can only use to make payments.

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

@Shelleb wrote:

Hi I got approved for Petal account and i didnt have to link bank information, I was able to be approved from credit report only.

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Re: Petal Visa Credit Card??

Well, this was fun while it lasted. Closed after six months of inactivity. Net $40ish from cashback and statement credits. 

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