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Plasticide? I'm guilty as charged.

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Plasticide? I'm guilty as charged.

I fired Capital One and the Chevron Private Label cards today.  I'm still pending HSBC's firing, but it is managing some things and making me some rewards money, so I thus hesitate.

Capital One was good to me...but I just didn't need the card.  Plus a max possible credit limit in some unknown # of years of $3k doesn't really cut it; they tried to retain me, but would not offer me the higher level product, wouldn't even consider a hard pull.  Hooters, which is my oldest credit card, started at $1, it's getting really difficult to justify any card that's not willing to give me at least $1k at this point.  Amazon redeemed itself with two increases.  I want to say that their rewards were good and they treated me well...but I'm starting to get metrosexual about my credit and the limits I've got available.


Chevron Private Label was good initially...but it doesn't do any good after the first 60-90 days, unlike the Visa where you just keep getting credits.  Statement credits, fuel credits...both will help as I do a lot of driving and Chevron is everywhere out here.  I felt like I was throwing money away.  I could always just use my Discover card, but now I can double up gas rewards using them interchangably, plus use Discover at every other gas station if a Chevron isn't close.  Besides, the Private Label had a sky high interest rate.


HSBC...three things keep me from closing them.  One, I want to see what happens when they sell the portfolio, since Capital One is focused on buying ING, I doubt they'll go for it.  If Barclay's goes for it I'm closing it ASAP.  But if someone like Chase or GEMB takes it over, I'd be cool with keeping it.  If they stick around a bit longer, HSBC has had a tendency to not like being my lowest credit limit.  Well...right now, they are.  Two, they're paying for my express lane token and doing a great job at it.  Three, I need to get their jacked up rewards check cashed before I can consider shutting them down.




As I stated in another thread, Chase is reconsidering me for the Slate.  I just sent back the address verification they asked for.  IF Chase gives me the Slate and IF the credit limit is at least $3k, HSBC is done...getting homicided.


If Chase gives me the Slate and IF the Slate's limit is at least $5k, Amazon is done.

Credit Cards:
| Cabrillo Credit Union MasterCard @ $3,000 | Chevron Visa @ $2,000 | Amazon Store Card @ $1,800 | HSBC 2% Rewards MasterCard @ $950 (redeemed themselves)
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Re: Plasticide? I'm guilty as charged.

"Plasticide" ............ nice Smiley Very Happy


That, and "The Time Before",  should be added to abbreviation list.  Perhaps expand the thread title to Glossary of Terms lol




The Time Before = when getting credit was easy, late 90's/early 2000's

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