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Please give some data limit/income..

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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

Data points are kind of all over the places with different lenders.  I raised my BoA AAA Rewards to $55K when my TU wasn't even 700 yet. Income was $145K last year, and is looking to be ~$170K this year, along with a $24K/year annuity (tax exempt). My CL's (including a Comenity Education line of credit that reports as a credit card) is $135K. I'm floating around 740 at the moment on TU and EQ and 727 on EX. AAoA 3 years, 12% UTIL


I couldn't pry more than a $1500 CL out of Synch on an Ebates card, no matter what number I called... At the same time I have $17K between my Chase twins, over $20K through Discover, 12K from Cap One and of course, BoA.... Anything from Amex has grown just as glacially for me as well, and there's people bouncing off $25-30K BCE lines with scores similar to mine.


There's a lot of internal arithmetic that goes into every credit decision that a lender makes, and aside from preferring a thick, clean, aged credit file... I don't think you'll find any similarities from one lender to the other.

Amex PRG (NPSL), Amex Blue Cash ($8K), Amex Simply Cash+ ($4K), Discover ($20.7K), Cap 1 Union Plus MC ($2500), Chase FU Visa Sig ($12K), Chase F Visa Sig ($8.3K), Chase CSP Visa Sig($6.5K), FCB/Elan Rewards Visa Sig($10K), Buckle ($1.3K), BofA AAA Rewards ($67.6K), Paypal credit ($7.8K), BBVA Clearpoints ($7.5K), Cap 1 Savor ($10K)
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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

My total CL is $107K, with an Income of $55-60K. That's across several CCs though. I imagine that I'm pretty much capped for getting anymore high CL with any Lenders. I would likely have to close some to get some. Though i don't really see myself needing anymore more credit, I can stay under utilization all the while carrying a couple BT balances.



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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

My total CLs are over 200% of my annual income.  To my knowledge, this hasn't been an issue.  I am also a firm believer in not putting all of your eggs in 1 basket(for quite a few reasons) but this is certainly one of those reasons.  I don't feel it is possible to get over 200% in revolving CLs with a single lender but maybe someone out there can prove me wrong.

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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

At the end of the day, it’s hard to get extremely high limits (>60k) or so without spending a good amount of money, at least in my experience. I probably spend 20k on my CCs a month and PIF; and they have grown steadily.
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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

Thank you.. I am relieved to see that so many people are reporting to have some good high CLs while PIF every month.. That makes me feel better about seeing that I am really not paying interest on my cards even though I am using them a good bit each month. I was a bit worried that using them and pif was going to be seen as a negative since they would make much more money if I carried balances.

great info and feedback here. Smiley Happy

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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

I'm a Canadian, living in Canada but using US cards for benefits, etc.


I have never had a job in the US and have never received any income from US employment or investment. I have no US assets - no car, no home, etc. My oldest card was approved in Sept. 2018.


I have three credit cards, with a total credit line of 27,500 (initial 12, 8 and 7.5k) as well as Amex Gold and Platinum with a FICO8 of 704.


I've paid them in full each month, except for the Amex credit card which has 15 months interest free.


So income really doesn't enter it, as long as you have a history of paying your bills.

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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

@JESCredit wrote:

$25K total revolving credit limit. $9K owed on a $12.5K car lease (aka loan). $28.8K non-taxable income, $10.2K taxable income for a total of $39K.

Since posting the above, I've been approved for two cards worth an an additional $11.2K for a total of $36.2K in revolving credit. This is over 92% of my gross annual income.

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Re: Please give some data limit/income..


Total income 75K, Fico scores about 800 longest cl 21 years. Total cl 125.5K.



Discover 27K, BoA mastercard 15K, TD bank cash visa 14K, Ubervisa 12K, Ring mastercard 8K walmart Mc 12K, JCP store card 6K, Citi bank mastercard 11.6K, Wells Fargo Amex 7K, Cap one Quick silver 4.7K, Cap one bus visa 2K, Merrric bank 3150, Blispay 2K.


Discover card has been great co to work with have the card since June of 2016, any time have ask for cl increase got it with no problem. Synchrony bank is also another great bank to work with.

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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

My cards with my Bank (US Bank) have credit lines that are roughly 145% of my annual income, my Discover card has a CL of approx 80% of my annual income - all told, my combined CLs are approx 330% of my annual income 

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Re: Please give some data limit/income..

An DP ill add of my daughters father's situation is he makes at least $2,300 per month and has an 720-750 score with only having cards for 3-4 years! lol but what kills me is he has a good 60-70k in TCL and carries heafty and i mean heafty balances on 3-5 of his cards! the ones he doesnt used got closed for non usage. I cant specify his balances amount in total but i know he was making minimum payments to his amazon prime store card to the tune of $200 something per month and has a barclay card that I know hes using half of his $3k limit and a few other cards he has carrying limits. Ive since referred him to MF ever since I had my old MF account back in my good credit heydays and he never ever!! wants to follow what i say! but the kicker here that I can NOT understand for the life of me is how his mailbox is fullllll of preapproval offers from GOOD companies my DREAM card amex BCP has been bombarded him with PA mailers and discover and even citi and marcus loans! just last week he got one from Wells Fargo!. AND cap one and Synch literally throw CLIs at him like nothing! I have no idea what any of these comapnies love about him but I could be wrong entirely but i think its cuz theyre making a killing off interest. For me when I had big balances I got alot of denials until i cleaned up and reported less util but this kid is running his whole paycheck in minimums and hes still getting offered more credit and CLIs. i like this thread though because its so good to see how every profile is so different and creditors respond to each differently too. 

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