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Please help!! Question about reporting times for CCs

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Please help!! Question about reporting times for CCs

Hello all! I would really appreciate any advice you can give me.

I am so very close to getting a 620 and qualifying for a mortgage loan.

I've never used credit cards, don't like the temptation of them and try to only buy what

I can afford within reason. Of course, my credit has suffered so I signed up for a secured card

with a $320 limit. My mortgage lender says that once that card starts reporting, I will see a jump of @25-30

points on my scores (she's run it through a simulator).

I have used the card, paid it down twice and received a statement but nothing yet.


It's been around 45 days and it's driving me nuts waiting. I have to be out of my rental in

40 days or so and I am poised to make an soon as this freaking card shows up.


**To those with experience with this sort of thing, how long did it take your cards to start reporting?


**Is there anything else I can do other than waiting to speed up this process?


Thanks so much for listening!





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Re: Please help!! Question about reporting times for CCs

What Card do you have? Have you called the credit card company to find out how often they report and how long will it take for you to see the first update? 



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