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Please help me reach 700!

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Re: Please help me reach 700!

In that case, you're fine with the cards that you have. You might one day want to add a retail-only card for your mix, but I wouldn't do it before the mortgage.

I have cards from the same banks as you, and they report on their individual statement dates, and they report the figure on the statements. If you go to your online account, poke around until you find a link that says "statements." Click that, and you should get a drop-down box listing recent statement dates. Those are the dates that you want to beat. If you look at the amount on each one, that's what is being reported each time, even if you pay it off the very next day.

Concentrate for now on controlling what figures are reported to the CRA's by that paying a bit early thing, and thus your util, and that should do the trick.
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Re: Please help me reach 700!

I belong to true credit. Not for the FAKO scores but you can check your report daily and if you go into acct. info or whatever it says ,it will tell you what day the cc reported. I'm tring to get my scores to 700 also and at least when I can check my report  and reported balances to the CB's so I know when to check my real fico's. I didn't fully realize how much utilization meant to scores. I paid a bunch each month to CC cause I use them and just as Hauling said Pay before the next statment comes out. Seems I was paying lots each month after the statment which meant my bal. were kept low but my reported balances looked like I was at 50-70% When in reality I was under 10%. It's a game and I don't like it but you have to play it if you need a loan. I want to buy a couple rentals soon and after that I'm not gonna worry about the fico scores till I need to again. Now all this is utilazation not other things that can hurt you. UT. can be fixed quickly, other things cannot. 
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Re: Please help me reach 700!

when I'm utilizing my credit paying one card down to 9% few days ealier than the statement date, I also need make another payment before the due date right?
another question, how long should I wait to send in another GW to Chase? I faxed one couple months ago and it got denied. they told me it's illegal to remove the late payment, they are just reporting it correctly.
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