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Points & Miles Question (Travel Hacking)

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Points & Miles Question (Travel Hacking)

This is a completely random question - and if this is the wrong forum please feel free to move the post.


Just curious if anyone has any information on which hotel card allows bookings using points for over-the-water bungalow's in places like Bora Bora, Fiji etc. 


I realize that not every booking is 100% points as there are an assortment of fees and taxes paid with cash. But for cards offering free anniversary nights and/or simply allow points to be used that these types of resorts, please chime in!




PS. Is there a Points and Miles forum here? I looked but it's possible I overlooked it. Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Points & Miles Question (Travel Hacking)

Most of the credit cards co-branded with the big hotel & resort chains will do what you want. I'd recommend the following cards:


  • AMEX Hilton Aspire
  • AMEX SPG Luxury or Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus
  • Chase World of Hyatt

Each of these three hotel chains has lots of perks associated with these cards and they all have properties in exotic places like Tahiti and the Maldives.  Good luck!

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Re: Points & Miles Question (Travel Hacking)

Thanks for the input! I'll do some research on them.

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Re: Points & Miles Question (Travel Hacking)

Find the hotel on the island that you want to stay at and then look and see if they have a credit card. Like the other poster said look into the big chain hotels. If its a hilton property then NOW is the best time to get there card due to the high points after the minimum spend.
Just remember that all those island places cost a fortune even in points.
Enjoy your trip once you figure out where you are headed.
Oh also make sure to have the airline card for the trip aswell.
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Re: Points & Miles Question (Travel Hacking)

I know Marriott has a over water bungalow in the Maldives. Pretty sure it’s the St.Regis.

The above listed credit cards are a good suggestion.

Any hotel chain that offers a rewards system/ credit card and offers OWB rooms will let you book with points.

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