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Positive experience with Citi CSR!?


Positive experience with Citi CSR!?

Hi folks,


Some of you may remember me - I used to post here a bit quite awhile ago - still have been lurking religiously despite my silence, however!


Anyway, with all the negative news going around these days, I thought I would mention a pretty positive experience I had with Citi this evening.


I'm in the process of slimming down and simplifying my personal finances, and since I'm in a spot where I'm quite pleased with my CC selection now I've been going through and "culling" those cards that weren't granting me any particularly unique benefits.


One of those unlucky souls was a Citi PremierPass card that I opened early last year, with a $6000 credit line. I used it exclusively for about a month or so after I first got it (until I found a better rewards card), and since then have mostly kept it alive with tiny monthly charges here and there.


So I called this evening, expecting the typical wade-through-phone-menus and then deal-with-an-irate/borderline-incompetent-CSR that I have come to expect from Citi (I've had another card with them since about 2000 that has a much larger CL, and have never been very impressed with their customer service).


Turns out I ended up on the phone with a customer service rep who sounded like she'd been transplanted (stolen?) from one of Discover's or Schwab's top-notch CSR banks. She then cheerfully transferred me to a "specialist," who she said would be needed to close out my account.


The specialist, in turn, was also quite friendly and efficient. On top of that, he actually offered me 3,500 free ThankYou points to "earn my business" and "become my preferred spending card." I closed the account anyway, but I did thank him for the generous offer.


I suppose it just goes to show that, at some level or another, banks do care about your business, and will compete to keep it (provided it's worth keeping, anyhow - lord only knows how little that was the case on my part in the earlier part of the new millenium).


Happy credit gardening to all. Smiley Happy Back to lurking I go.

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Re: Positive experience with Citi CSR!?

Well I am really glad it all worked out for you. But the two people I spoke to were so COLD. I was very polite and quite warm despite their irrational behavior.
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