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Possible fraud precursors on BBVA card?

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Re: Possible fraud precursors on BBVA card?

@gorgon wrote:

UPDATE:  I never got around to calling BBVA about the two $0 pending charges because they actually disappeared the night I made the post. Nothing fishy happened again until today there is another pending $0 for a non-profit. I will be calling them now, for sure.  Smiley Frustrated


The ironic part about all of this is that BBVA is the only card in recent memory that has been declined due to suspected fraud. I tried to use it at Walmart in July and it got declined. I had to call to find out why and the lady said Walmart charges get flagged all the time.

Yep good idea to have it replaced.  This usually means your card number is being "tested" (it has been entered into a manual entry form for some only store that uses the Visa Provisioning feature)

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