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Possible to get CLI on new Chase Freedom?


Re: Possible to get CLI on new Chase Freedom?

Well at least I don't feel AS bad knowing others are seeing the same with the APR! Smiley Happy


@MovingForward_2012 - I hadn't heard of that either. I don't have my card yet so I can't log in to Blueprint site for more details. However, they do give some information about that. I believe what you are referring to is "Full Pay". But you still have to I'm not completely clear on the benefit. I'll try to read more about it when I have a little more time.


What is Full Pay?

Full Pay is a feature that lets you avoid paying interest on everyday purchases. You can select the types of purchases you would like to pay off in full each month. Those purchases will be separated out for you and totaled on your monthly statement. As long as you make your Blueprint payment by your due date, you will not pay interest on those purchases.



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