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Postman u BA$t@#%

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Postman u BA$t@#%

I was talking about no one SPing me and not getting any offers. Well, I get home and I have a bright pretty letter from Citi with the Thank you card logo on it. I'm thinking it's about time. I take a second glance before opening it and realize the damn postman put my neighbor's mail in my box. The pre approval offer was for my neighbor and not me. Damn U cruel credit gods!!

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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

Lmao...owned by the postman


haha...sorry, I never get preapproval offers either.

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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

my dad and i got the same exact cc pre approval from cap one. i shredded mine and he accepted his. 

(ive been here since 1996-at age 5, and he's been here since 2010-about as old as my oldest cc)

he got a 500 limit c1 plat waived first year af and then 19 after. 


so honestly if a pre approval only entails a 500 limit, im good. (i know its ymmv im just saying)



p.s. before this summer and my crazly apping i have never gotten a pre approval. so far ive gotten cap 1, discover, chase, and some comapny i thought was cap one but something completely different. 

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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

Lol, there is a forum member named postman, and I was like wow! What did postman do?

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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

So now they're keeping the good pre-approvals, along with the Victoria's secret catalogs, and playboys that "got lost."   HAHAHAAHAHAA!!!

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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

Dang now thats hilarious Smiley Happy

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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

LOL, better yet, how about if your spouse get pre-offer and you don't?


Maybe it's just me. Smiley Very Happy

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12/19/2013, $100k+ Available Credit. Total Util: 0-1%
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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

I could see that happening to me, especially since my honey doesn't work, and Citi hates me too.

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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

ehh I haven't gotten one pre approval from a prime lender either.  Don't need one either just need to garden...


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Re: Postman u BA$t@#%

Just don't go postal!   Sorry, had to say it!

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