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Pre Paid EMV Travel Cards

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Pre Paid EMV Travel Cards

I am looking for a PIN & CHIP Prepaid Travel Card.


Many of the banks are starting to issue these as credit cards.


I have also seen Credit Unions issuing these cards.


Anyone know of a US Bank offering EMV Pre-Paid (Pin & Chip) Debit Cards ?






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Re: Pre Paid EMV Travel Cards

travelex offers them.  You can order it and pick it up at the airport, but their exchange rates are awful.


NC SECU offers a chip + pin debit, but you have to be a state employee in North Carolina to get membership.


Otherwise, the two EMV cards in my sig are not pre-pay, but are the only cards available in the US with $0 annual fee and 0% forex fee.

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Re: Pre Paid EMV Travel Cards

Wait til you get overseas, there will be a whole bunch of them to pick from.

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